Without Nikki, I'm not sure I'd have a business today. I was fortunate enough to take a class with Nikki fairly early on in my entrepreneurial journey. Tears of fear and incompetence rand down my face as I walked out of that classroom. I was determined to make the necessary adjustments to help my business flourish. Making the suggested alterations to my business model has allowed me to purchase my own building and move into a much larger space for continued growth and prosperity. I'll be forever grateful for their time spent, knowledge shared and kindness shown.

  • Ashley Black-Coutant

So much more than business coaching...

The experience we strive to achieve in our ongoing coaching partnership WITH business owners is to stay connected for the ultimate support system of our vast library of resources that do the work for you.

We work WITH you so things get done without adding more to your plate.

We strategize WITH you so you can get the solutions that you need without wasting precious time.

We collaborate WITH you to customize business tools that break through challenges.

We guide you and your team on leadership paths that foster stronger relational dynamics that develop your team as your biggest and brightest asset.

Schedule a discovery call to connect and learn more of what we do and how this can manifest a legacy business.

I'd love to learn more about your goals!

Please fill out some info below to help me know a bit more about you before our session.


Can I stop my coaching at any time?

Yes...unless you buy the annual package, then there are no refunds on the full annual package investment.

We're very diligent with whom we sign onto coaching with because building a heartfelt relationship is part of our coaching process. We want to make sure it's a great fit for both of us. That's why we take our time before any professional commitment is made.

As stated in Teachable's Terms of Use, Coaching IS NOT covered by Teachable's 30-day student refund policy. Please know that all concerns should be addressed with Nikki Le directly.

How do I schedule my Discovery Session?

To schedule your complimentary networking call,

Click on my calendar link and schedule with me:


Or please reach out via email at [email protected] or through Teachable at the link provided above or follow us on social media and message us there...on

Can this be an ongoing coaching partnership?

Absolutely! We 100% encourage taking your time, leaning in to your goals, give yourself some grace and just being steadfast in 1 accomplishment at a time. We're in it for the long game.

Can I go ahead and sign up for coaching without a discovery call?

Yes!! If you're ready, we're ready\ to start the process to make sure that it'll be a great fit. Here's a link to sign up for our monthly coaching partnership:


Though the link will allow you to sign up, we would still very much suggest that you have a discovery call with us first...unless you already know all the things that you need to know about how we work.

What comes with the Monthly Coaching Membership ?

This is our most in depth, all-inclusive access to all we do.

It includes :

  • 2 hours of coaching per month for the business owner to use for their individual coaching or for their leadership team group coaching or live ,virtual team training
  • Full access to our online course business library at no additional charge
  • Full access to the hundreds of business tools, contracts, forms, manuals, books and any else you could want
  • Full access to our custom design pieces for marketing, pricing and all things branding
  • Discounted ticket prices to our live conferences

Do You help create custom elements on an as needed basis?

AB...SOOO...LUTE....LY !!! It's one of our favorite parts of what we do! During our work together, we'll need to customize amazing business resources with you !

What areas do you specialize in ?

I have over 36 years of experience and over 15 years coaching business owners so there's a lot of areas that we can focus on, but here are the topics that I specialize in:

  • Compensation strategies; Owner pay-leadership pay-service provider pay-support team pay
  • Pricing methods and strategies
  • Service offering assessment
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Community marketing
  • Onboarding processes; digital & on-site
  • Leadership team coaching; ongoing leadership training for your management team's challenges
  • Formal and on-the-job team training systems
  • Team goal setting sessions
  • Staff meeting agendas
  • Personal development for work/life optimization
  • Career development for beauty pros and business owners
  • New Salon launches
  • Educator training; writing curriculum, setting up training structure and presentation finesse
  • Self-employment career paths and solo-preneur business structure
  • Hybrid salon structure
  • Designing guest experiences
  • In-salon training
  • Online course creation

What are some of the things that I can get ready for my coaching journey with you?

Here is a list of data that helps us begin our work together more efficiently:

  • Income Statement (aka your profit & loss statement) No worries if you don't have a current one. We'll work through that.
  • Total Gross Annual Revenue for the last complete year
  • Your team's data: Names, tenure, annual income and position (we'll dive into more data about them soon)
  • Current compensation methods
  • Business data: address, business name, community name, sq. ft. size, number of working stations, sinks, back room description, waiting room, front desk size and team members
  • Assistants names and tenure along with their goals
  • Term of lease left or if building is owned
  • The amount of years in business
  • Clientele data: rough number of regular guests, # of new client traffic per month and per year, # of vips/frequent flyers, average annual spend per client
  • Retail data: Product lines, retail sales per month and per year, each team member's retail sales %'s

What is the most important thing to know about how I love to work together ?

I believe in working with you... and for you... to support your workload....to alleviate stresses...to advocate for your goals... and to bridge relationships in your organization.

I am absolutely NOT here to add more work for you, but instead to help you balance the everyday complexities that come along with business ownership...

to be a co-strategist in driving the direction of your organization...and to be a sounding board for your moments of uncertainty so you can be empowered to become the business owner that you dream of being.

Let's get started on our growth journey together :)

Nikki Le