We'll share an overview of basic bookkeeping for financial confidence, steps to setting up your shop, defined Guest Policies and profitable pricing strategies

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In this webinar, exclusively designed for suite owners, you'll learn the 4 pillars to salon suite success ...

1- Financial literacy 101 where you'll see basic salon bookkeeping in action

2- You'll get our comprehensive list of what every suite owner should consider for long term success

3- You'll get a downloadable copy of our "Salon Guest Policies" to ensure you're running your business with structure

4- You'll learn the fundamental steps to creating a service list and profitable pricing

Your Instructor

Nikki Le
Nikki Le

Nikki Le is a business coach/consultant specializing in business systems, compensation, pricing, career coaching, personal development and establishing leadership team infrastructure.

She's the principal at Nikki Le Consultancy, a coaching and education firm centering around employer advocacy, organizational structure, recruitment marketing, modern hiring practices and digital onboarding systems.
Nikki's passionate purpose is bridging relational work dynamics between managers and employees, creating future generations of wealth in salons and elevating business, career and personal development education. One of her core beliefs is that online education will be the standard for the future of educating professionals with high level content.
She's been an educator, trainer, mentor and advocate to thousands of salon professionals, at every level, for numerous beauty brands. Nikki is a lifelong student of all things psychology, communications, NLP, leadership, self-help and business since her early days in college. She's a devoted mom of 2 boys, Gavin and Niko and loving dog mom to her rescue doggies Bear and Steely. She lives in Virginia where she writes, teaches business & personal development seminars, as well as and creates online courses for her online business academy

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This webinar course costs $29

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