Do You Need a Tool That Helps you, the Salon Owner and Your Leadership Team Encourage More Compliant and Positive Employee Actions, Words & Behaviors?

Do you having challenges navigating through tough conversations with employees about harmful or less than ideal behaviors in your salon?

Are you looking for a template/tool that'll help guide you to develop a firm yet empathetic process of managing employees that may be speaking or acting in anti-company culture choices that don't fit in with your company core values?

Our template serves as a contract and conversational guide that covers the most critical steps, conversational elements & a pathway to performance modification that will give you the exact thought processes, words and action items to facilitate positive and empathetic change into high level contributors of your salon's growth and the growth of their own careers.

  • A 6 Infraction Documentation Table
  • Core Value Lists
  • A Company Philosophy Statement defining key elements of compliant and constructive workplace choices
  • A List of Non Negotiable Actions
  • A 6 step Path of Consequences for Performance Modification
  • And Action Plan Guide
  • An Employer/Employee Agreement