The Course

Ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering where all the hours in your week have disappeared to? Enter the world of time optimization, where every second counts and uncovering hidden pockets of productivity is the name of the game. In this riveting course, we'll dive into tried-and-tested strategies for maximizing the 168 hours you're gifted with each week. You'll learn to dissect your current schedule, identify time-wasters, and reorganize your life with precision. With a blend of theory and practical exercises, you're set to transform into a master planner, squeezing the most out of every day without sacrificing your sanity.

Imagine having the extra time to pursue your passions, enhance your career, or simply indulge in a bit of well-deserved rest. That's the power you'll harness as you apply your newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios. You'll emerge not just with a toolkit for efficiency, but with the ability to make time for what truly matters to you. From CEOs to students, busy parents to ambitious entrepreneurs, this course has a little something for everyone. Ready to take control of your ticking clock? It's about time.

What you will learn

When I started putting together this course, my goal was to make sure it was packed with practical, actionable strategies that would truly make a difference in how you manage those precious 168 hours in your week. Every minute you spend with me here, you’re gaining insights into efficient time management that not only streamline your days but also free up space for personal growth, relaxation, and those moments that matter most. As a beginner, you'll find the material approachable and straightforward, allowing you to see immediate improvements in your daily routine. And don't worry, I've meticulously organized every lesson to ensure you can easily follow along and never feel overwhelmed. Rest assured, you're stepping into a space that's been tailored to kick-start a transformation in your productivity with clarity and ease.

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Your instructor

Nikki Le, the driving force behind Nikki Le Consultancy, is a seasoned business coach with an impressive track record of cultivating efficiency and growth within organizations. With her extensive knowledge of business systems, compensation structures, and leadership development, Nikki expertly equips professionals to maximize their potential in an ever-evolving workspace. Her pragmatic approach to career advancement, combined with an unyielding dedication to personal development, has established her as a trusted mentor in shaping robust business environments.

Committed to the belief that strategic time management is fundamental to success, Nikki brings to her course on "How to Time Optimize: The 168 Hour Theory" a wealth of experience gleaned from her tenure in business consulting. Through her engaging teaching methods, she connects deeply with her students, empowering them with the skills to leverage each hour of their week. Her fervor for education and her investment in lifelong learning resonate in every session, making her not only an expert in her field but a genuinely inspiring educator who fosters meaningful growth both in careers and personal lives.


Mastering Efficient Schedules in a Week's Span


Unveiling the Secrets of Full-Spectrum Time Utilization


Implementing Rhythmic Patterns for Peak Time Efficiency