Compensation is most assuredly the sexiest system in your business! Want to know why?

Then Join Nikki Le, the NLC Dream Team and our amazing business partners for so many solutions, it'll make your head spin!
Our exclusive event is designed specifically for salon owners to level up their people growing skills & compensation game!

If you're ready to learn innovative ways to develop a more creative and multi-tiered compensation plans for every career level in your business, then you're perfect for us!

Our objective?? Diverse pay strategies, open minded leadership and creative benefit packages that win the candidates and retain team members at every level.

Challenge 1- For years, salon owners have been creating pay plans that lacked intention and long term strategy.

Challenge 2- They've followed past methods that have led to them being powerless in competing within a competitive marketplace.

This is the reason behind our event.., We're so thrilled to Introduce
"Compensation is the New Sexy"
A masterclass level, live event, that will forever change your perception of compensation systems in salons and bring the energy that'll fuel your compensation ecosystem so that you can grow that legacy business!

Join us on

November 4th, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM,

at the prestigious Penzone Salons venue


in Dublin, Ohio for an immersive and transformative experience. With only 65 seats available, this event will sell out, so don't wait until the last minute.

Hosted by Nikki Le Consultancy, Beauty Industry Compensation Specialist,
"Compensation is the New Sexy" promises to be one of the most empowering and exciting events of the year. Prepare to be dazzled by the art and science of compensation ecosystem design and gain the knowledge needed to become a confident salon owner in building out your pay methods.

Forget about outdated pay structures – this event is all about unleashing your employer power in leadership, recruitment and retention...all through a finely-tuned compensation system.

Nikki Le will guide you through a series of mind-blowing and eye-opening concepts in development of customized Total Compensation Plans for your career hierarchy that will forever change the way you view compensation philosophies !

Are You Ready to....

Establish Your Pay Philosophy:

Crafting a sexy compensation strategy starts with defining your salon's unique pay philosophy – the foundation upon which your system will be built.

Develop Your Career Ladder:

Manifest your salon's career ladder that will pave the path for your team to imagine the possibilities of career growth with your organization, fueled by the promise of greater rewards as their career expands.

Become a Compensation Leader:

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of compensation methods, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each approach in order to truly communicate about compensation with your team in absolute confidence.

Break Down Your Current Pay Plan:

Let's get intimate with your current compensation system, exposing its challenges and identify the nuances that could be holding your salon back from profitability and connection

Design Your Compensation Blueprint:

Channel your inner architect as you begin the journey in learning how to craft a compensation system that will excite your team with competitive growth. Aligning your pay plans to incentives, business goals and performance metrics.

Explore Fluid Commission and Understand Positive Pay Plan Conversions

Discover the secrets to mock payroll scenarios, ensuring your compensation system is fully functional and ready to deliver maximum results all while planning out for a positive pay plan conversion that's designed to motivate.

Prepare For the Pay Plan Conversion with a Step-By-Step Approach

Nikki will lead you through the proven method of converting pay plans with calm and clarity

This event is a high level educational experience from start to finish with curated content meant to elevate you to the extreme. Get ready to join other beauty industry power players to forge connections, ignite future collaboration and access brilliant resources that will streamline and simplify how you do business.

Secure your spot today for $499 per attendee and prepare to embark on a journey that will forever reshape how you create customized compensation.

Want to come as a team, We have packages availble for groups of 2 and 3 for a bundle price. Due to limited seating, please reach out to [email protected] for details and customized booking

Invest in yourself, your team and your business

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